Hey There.

We are Brandon and Sarah, husband and wife, the dynamic duo behind Wild Valley Collective. We have been friends since we were eight and plan to grow old and grey together. We've known the highs of life and the lows and are committed to making this work and enjoying each other every step along the way. Here's a bit about us:

We are semi-professional Netflix bingers, dog lovers, bacon enthusiasts, and creative souls! We have more blankets than we need, we often choose pizza and a movie over going to the gym, and we regularly forget to take out the trash. Most days you'll find us on a walk enjoying the sunshine and fresh air, snuggling on the couch, listening to music, cooking, or playing with our energetic house-wolf named Jedi. 



We are passionate about helping couples love on each other and enjoy one another through all seasons of life. We love capturing moments, whether it's at a wedding, anniversary, or just a portrait session. We want to immortalize the essence of your relationship in it's down-to-earth, raw and vibrant form. We want to capture the realest version of you, because we believe the realest version is the most awesome version of you. 

That means we are NOT BIG on posing, instead we’ll prompt you. We are about serving you, making you comfortable, so we can capture candid shots that you’ll LOVE for a lifetime. We’ll get to know you, your story, how you met, where you’re at in this season. We’ll capture your smile and laughter, your tears and tender glances, to help you remember the way you FEEL towards one another.



Our Heart for Couples.

Whether it’s photography or videography, we do everything in our power to tell your story well for future generations. When you book Wild Valley Collective you’re booking more than just a photographer or videographer, you’re booking someone who’s got your back, who has you’re best interest in mind. Someone to help sew on buttons and clean up spills (when it gets a little crazy towards the end of the night), to help carry flowers and re-glue eyelashes. Someone who’ll bring you coffee and answer ANY questions you might have.

We’re the team for the adventurers or the back yard weddings, for the couples who aren’t afraid to get a little dirty and sneak out during sunset. If you can’t wait to get married and want quality photos/video. If you care more about the experience of your wedding day than posed photos, then we’re your people.


Hey, i’m sarah.

I’m a small-town Midwest girl, who picked up a camera when she was little to take pictures of sunshine and leaves. I’ve since moved on to people. I’m married to my best friend who converted me into a Micheal Scott fan. I am a “British Bake Off” want-to-be, marathon runner, Kindergarten teacher and a proud dog mom.

Most days you’ll find me rereading Lord of the Rings (which I think makes me a nerd!) or other good books, walking our doggo Jedi, writing for my blog, daydreaming about our future house or perusing the end aisles of Target (I’m a deal shopper).

I am passionate about encouraging women and helping other couples enjoy life together through all of life’s seasons. I understand that life is NOT always easy. I want others to know that they are not alone, in their fight, in their successes. I believe life is better together.

I love meeting new people, hanging out with cool couples and capturing your you whatever it may be.


i’m brandon.

I’m a farm-town raised dude who grew up wanting to be a movie maker. I got my first video camera when I was 7 years old. It only worked if it was connected to a VHS Player, so I would drag my parent’s VHS Player to whatever corner of the room I needed to get my shot! Since then, my obsession with video cameras and shooting/editing video has continued.

Video has been a hobby of mine for a long time. While I have taken my video ability past the “hobby” stage, it still feels like a hobby. I still enjoy shooting, editing, and coloring videos.

Apart from video, I’m a guitar nerd, a professional-level Star Wars fan, an American beer fanatic (not craft beer), and a passionate cook.


Our Story:

We have been friends since we were eight and plan to grow old and grey together. We went to the freshman homecoming dance together, but didn't start dating until we were seniors in high school. About a year later we got engaged, and on August 10th 2014, we got hitched. We have always been friends, and are both committed to remaining best friends until the end. We don't have any kids yet, but we want to have about five-ish someday. We own a small home in on a quiet street in Northeast Ohio, and someday want it to filled with the tiny voices of tiny people.