Wedding in Downtown Pittsburgh


April Fool’s Day found us on a Monday in Pittsburgh celebrating the wedding of Kait and Logan. This was a very special wedding for us for multiple reasons, one of which being that Kait is my sister.

In our younger years my sister and I were inseparable. Where she went I went too, but as we grew, space grew between us. We grew into different interests with different friends, down different paths. It was in one of those difficult seasons after a bad break, when my sister was feeling sad that something started to change. It was slow at first, a spring of sorts, a new birth of new beginnings. I heard it first in her voice, then saw it in her smile, her confidence, her laugh. We started talking more, hanging out and growing closer. That something that happened was Logan.

Kait and Logan first met at work. Coworkers from across the building that quickly became friends, friends through a difficult season. He encouraged her, built her up, steadied her and through that my sister started to blossom. There wedding day was a reflection of their relationship, honest, quirky and happy. From the first look to the first dance their day was filled with emotions over flowing from the journey they had already taken to get here; happiness, gratitude, joy, excitement and contentment.

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